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The Duchess on Cambridge

Located in a beautifully restored 1923 home, The Duchess is the queen jewel of Orange. And when I say queen jewel, I mean unfussy but definitely upscale queen…it’s just fun to shop at this home and garden boutique!

The rooms are beautifully curated, many in keeping with their original purpose…kitchen items in the kitchen, lovely bath items in the elegantly appointed bath… there’s a room, I might call it a study, decorated in a distinctly masculine way – and other rooms are far more feminine. The outdoor area is filled with unique garden items and decor.

Candles on display in the entryway of The Duchess

With interior designers on staff, it makes sense that every room is breathtakingly beautiful. And yet, what I love about it is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Throughout the shop, you’ll find hilarious cards, tea towels, and other ephemera that, if your girlfriend isn’t right there with you to laugh together, you’ll be wanting to snap a pic and send to her to laugh long distance.

One thing to note about the Duchess — it’s a standalone shop that isn’t right on the Plaza — it’s a little more than half a mile away on Chapman Ave.

The Potting Shed by Carlisle

Located in the southeast corner of the Plaza, the Potting Shed carries a thoughtful selection of fun home and garden items. It’s the perfect place to shop for a souvenir from your trip to the plaza.

If you’re lucky enough to be here when they hold an open house, do attend! They generally have entertainment and light hors d’oeuvre — and oftentimes have mini workshops going on too. It’s a great time!

Like the Duchess, they’re filled to the brim with witty cards and gift-worthy items, along with seasonal decor and cute household items — oh, and of course, plants…in a pretty little brick-walled outdoor space adjacent to the shop.

Gifts on display at the Potting Shed

Gifts fill the shelves at the Potting Shed


Stepping into Tiddlywinks is like stepping back into time. It’s a children’s toy store — teeming with gifts and games — and it’s absolutely adorable with charm to spare. It’s the perfect place to shop for any littles on your list — even just to visit.

If you’ve ever seen the classic 90s film “You’ve Got Mail” (so perfect for a cozy evening!), Meg Ryan’s bookstore evokes the same kind of magical feeling that Tiddlywinks does.

The interior of Tiddlywinks

For all the littles in your life, a dream toy store

The Dragonfly Shops & Gardens

A couple blocks north of the plaza on Glassell Ave., you’ll find the Dragonfly Shops & Gardens. Like the Duchess, Dragonfly is housed in a…house. More on the arts and crafts side of the shopping spectrum, Dragonfly offers an array of giftable items, including planters and quite an assortment of fairy garden miniature items.

It’s also known for offering workshops and classes, such as miniature gardens, metal stamping, mosaic and jewelry making.