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W e’re pretty lucky here. Parking is (mostly) free in Orange, and that alone is remarkable, particularly in the Old Towne area, considering how bustling it’s become.

For example, along with street parking, there are 12 free lots in the Old Towne area, as well as the new Lemon Parking Structure with more than 600 spaces.

You’ll find most of these lots have time limits (typically 3 hours).

EV Parking

If you drive an EV, you’ll find a limited number of ChargePoint Charging Stations within the Lemon Parking Structure on 130 N. Lemon St. There are also a handful of EV stations in the public parking areas mentioned above. (There is a cost associated with charging your car.)

Street Parking in Orange

While most street parking is free, if you happen to be in the Old Towne district, once you get off the main streets and into the neighborhoods, pay attention to the signs, as some streets are permit-parking only.

Parking at the Metro Station

If you plan on taking the Metro, you’ll be happy to learn there are 235 spaces and no time limits for parking in its lot. This is convenient for day trips or if you plan a quick overnight trip/weekend trip to Los Angeles or points beyond.

Parking Throughout the City of Orange

Throughout the city of Orange, most public parking is free. Exceptions to this are our hospitals and medical centers, as well as Chapman University (which also requires a permit for many of its lots).

Parking Throughout Orange County

In Orange County, parking is often free – with the exception of places like theme parks, stadiums, beaches, beach towns, as well as some businesses and medical facilities.

Parking in Los Angeles

In downtown Los Angeles, you’ll find yourself paying for parking most everywhere. Same goes for the beach towns and even malls and some grocery stores. Many of these places will offer validated parking with a proof of purchase.

Suburban L.A. is similar to Orange County in the sense that you’ll be more likely to find free parking in surrounding neighborhoods, while places of commerce may be metered.