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Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Still, mostly yes, but it depends. (Bear with me.)

Public Transportation in Orange County

Public transportation (we’re talking about buses, the metro and trains right now) in Orange County is practically non-existent isn’t as robust as it is in other major metropolitan areas.

Do we have it? Sure. And can you get around? If you were dependent on it, yes. Is it ideal? Not exactly.

Do locals take it?  Not unless they have to, or (maybe) if they happen to be lucky enough to have a direct route from point A to point B.

If you want sightsee in Orange County, a car is truly the most convenient way to go. In fact, if you want to go basically anywhere in Orange County, a car is pretty much a must. The nice thing is parking is mostly free throughout the county, unless you’re at the beach or a major site like an amusement park or stadium.

If you are in Old Towne Orange and not going anywhere other than Old Towne Orange, you might be able to get away without having a car.

What About Uber or Lyft To Travel In OC?

Uber and Lyft work well throughout Orange County; I’d just be mindful of the same considerations in any large metropolitan area. That is, if you’re traveling during rush hour, you may experience surge pricing.

Also, if you happen to be traveling when a major local event is starting or ending, you’ll want to take that into consideration. I’m talking about baseball games or other events at Angel Stadium or hockey games and concerts at the Honda Center. And high traffic times in general.

Traffic is always worse in the afternoon. Not entirely sure why, but it is, and it’s something to consider.